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The Zambia Japan Handball Exchange Project (ZIKOMO Project) is the project to provide support for young people in Africa through Handball. All activities and support for athletes in Africa are funded by donation. We sincerely look forward to your warm support for the development of Zambian Handball players and African sports development.

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Back to School

In Zambia, it is customary to go to work for helping family when young athlete turns in to mid-teens. We have witnessed a situation where talented young athlete are forced to quit Handball because of employment or job. We realized that there is a limit to the development of players as technical support for Handball alone. We started to support to complete their necessary education and assist not only extend their life of the players but also help to develop their second career. We will continue to support their efforts to expand the possibilities of athletes and increase opportunities so that the athletes in Africa can live with hopefulness.

Nutrition Improvement

Unfortunately, Zambia lost final game against Madagascar at Southern African Championship in 2018 and ended up in second place (however it was first place as Zone 6). We recognized that the Zambia lag far behind in terms of physique as well as technic, even induce injuries. Optimum nutrition intake and physical fitness of Zambian athletes are an important issue which must be resolved to better performance. We will implement a project to provide healthy food, which can take a vital nutrition for endurance and strength exercise and expand their possibilities as an athlete.

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Technical Support

Cooperation with the Japan Handball Association, we provided tactical guidance to Zambian players through dispatching of full-time coach to Zambia. This allowed them to participate in the African Continental Championships for the first time. Technical support program also provides an opportunity of international experience for Japanese Handball coaches. Currently, we are supporting for activities of the Blue Wood Handball Club, which was initiated by the player, Nathan who visited Japan in December 2016. We will continue to work and foster player of next generation and increase opportunities for success.

Past Cloud Funding campaigns

Towards the victory of Southern Africa Handball Championship (Zone6), April 2018

We dispatched a Japanese head coach for the players who is living the life in hardship with passion as an energy for realizing their dreams. We aim to win the Southern Africa Handball Championship to become Africa No. 1 and even participate in the Tokyo Olympics Games! While the warmest support of 49 people nationwide in Japan, we won the championship after a month-long intensive training camp. Thank you so much for your support!

Crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE (end of the campaign)

Friendly match with Japan and Zambia Handball Team towards the Olympic Games! December 2016

With the warmest support of 104 people nationwide in Japan, the project was successfully completed. Zambia National team stayed for 13 days in Tokyo, Japan. Through friendly exchange event with various handball players, officials, in school and clubs, and many volunteers, Zambian players returned to their home with a determination of further growth.

Crowdfunding at READYFOR (end of the campaign)

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